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In turn, Jose Antonio Garcia, a no nonsense strict disciplinarian, had reared the Garcia siblings by the Garcia code. When Jose Antonio Garcia, my grandfather, was growing up, his father had indoctrinated him with the code. The code stressed attention to detail and careful planning because there was a little margin for error in a society unforgiving to Mexican Americans. The Garcia code evolved from the perspective of right and wrong with few gray areas. Thus was born the American GI Forum dedicated to addressing problems of discrimination and inequities endured by Hispanic veterans. Garcia, MD was recognized by the Nation for his work in service to America and was presented the country's highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan. Garcia's pioneer work for veterans and in public affairs was further recognized by the United States Treasury issuing a new series of Savings Bonds with the Bond bearing Dr. For information: [email protected]: 512-478-7612 [email protected] a Lifetime of Achievement, Cruz Reynoso Saturday - September 15 Location: Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center, Jackson Hall, UC Davis Time: - pm We hope you will join us to celebrate Cruz Reynoso who is recognized for his leadership in civil rights, immigration and refugee policy, government reform, the administration of justice, and legal services for the indigent. But these benefits were being denied in large part to Americans of Mexican descent and other Hispanics throughout the United States. Garcia, a physician from Corpus Christi, Texas, and in 1948 he was inspired to rally his former comrades-in-arms. In the past we would have remained silent because of fears of reprisals. Senators that Burns include the experiences of Mexican American veterans in his World War II documentary. We have come a long way since the time when a funeral home director could refuse the use of the facilities because a family was Mexican American. Garcia Women Chapter, San Jose, California, at their 2007 National Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mariana Tinoco, a long-time resident of San Jose, has dedicated her life in service to our veterans and their families. Today, I see the fruits of my Papas labor in the outcry of Mexican Americans against the Ken Burns documentary.

In the context of the times, it was a matter of survival for Mexican Americans to live with discipline in order not to attract attention. The code was passed down as a legacy to each generation of Garcias. But I learned from my cousins these were universally held beliefs in the family and all Garcias were indoctrinated with the code. Interviews with pilots and support personnel are included of this famous and heroic group. Felix Longoria was killed in the Philippines during WWII and the funeral home in his hometown of Three Rivers, Texas would not allow his wake to be held at the funeral home, because the "whites would not like it". Garcias and the American GI Forum actions to make sure he would be given all rights deserving of an American hero, who gave his life for this country. Esquadron 201 and its 300 pilots and support personnel who trained and participated in combat operations with the Americans in the Philippines, during World War II.

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