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They hoped to examine the kind of data they might reveal about their users, by looking at metadata.The federal government is worried that some connected devices could be a threat to national security.'You can certainly read what people are doing and maybe even eavesdrop on a conversation people are having.' Last year, for example, hackers shut down major websites such as Twitter and Spotify, and 500,000 items were potentially at risk of being activated without their owners' knowledge, with everything from baby monitors, DVR's, security cameras and other gadgets turned into cyber weapons.A recent study by researches at the University of Princeton found that details of your private habits within your own home could be sold on to advertisers by broadband providers.Colorado's US Senator Cory Gardner, who is part of the bi-partisan group, told CBS Denver that these devices could be used as weapons of mass destruction.'The federal government orders billions of dollars worth of Internet of Things devices each and every year,' said Senator Gardner. 'You can try to control systems, instruments with them.He recites it rhythmically and automatically: ‘You knew! ’ It sounds like a football chant, which is ironic, given that it’s his Pavlovian response to the tiniest ­complaint I might make about the ­deafening noise of ­televised football or the impossibility of us having a two-minute chat during Wimbledon week. It was a Saturday in May, 1991, when Matthew, already up and dressed by 6am, began ­whispering ‘come on you Spurs’ in the dark, before ­explaining that he was off to tie his shoelaces at ­Embankment Underground station. ‘Because that’s what I did on the way home from school the night we beat . .’ I didn’t quite catch the name of the whispered beaten club and couldn’t even begin to guess it. I knew that I was a sports widow long before we were even married. The answer was delivered in a tone (still ­whispered, although it was clear that I was by now fully awake) suggesting that his ­reasons were far too obvious to be worth the trouble of stating.

Although this legislation only applies to devices purchased by the government, Senator Gardner hopes the changes will be applied to devices sold in the private sector.Pictured is LG Electronics' VP of Marketing presenting the LG Insta View Door-in-Door smart refrigerator The Internet of Things (Io T) is a broad category that refers to devices or sensors that connect, communicate or transmit information over the web.Products range from printers and baby monitors to thermostats and fridges.Pictured left is Griffin Technology's Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker, and right its toaster, which remembers your preferences This includes how and when someone accesses their internet connection, but not what they have sent and received.This information is relatively unprotected and can reveal private information about our personal habits.

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