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Your membership to Local Dates Here will be Free for Lifetime.You will also receive a free membership to Inbox Partners.(Netflix, for its part, counts streaming hours even if you’re not paying attention to the screen).The honest truth is that streaming services and bingewatching movies and TV unites people intimately, whether they end up paying attention to what’s on or not.The iframe programming command redirected you to the hidden website. If this seems like a complicated set up, you got that right.Those websites are owned by small companies in the UK, Cypres, Spain and the Netherlands. The company Kasho Holding Limited, also has a Boca Raton Florida address. You are not going to meet anyone on Safe Local Friend Dating Network ( The rabbit hole goes even deeper, because the dating site where you typed your information, is really a front end for a White Label Dating Services site. You can read more about the details of this whole thing is put together in my post Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam.Combining the audiences certainly presents advantages for people looking for someone with shared interests — or at least mutual interest in Netflix and dating.And for users, Netflix is a significant factor in determining shared interests, given that the average Netflix subscriber uses the service for about two hours a day.

This site has two modes, what I call Dating Mode, and Porn Mode.A charge will appear on your credit card REPASSISTLIVE. Those familiar with the web programming will know that they had to take overt steps to make it not look like a hyperlink.Here is a snip from the T&C document: The site that is hidden underneath rotates. Each of the above charges comes with the notation that you are on a trial period and can cancel.Your access to Local Dates Here includes a 2 day free trial promo to Swim Daters Meet Up.If you choose to remain a member of Swim Daters Meet Up beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at .

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Which mode you get will depend upon which page in the website you were sent to.

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