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the discovery of ectoparasitic blood-feeding giant fleas or flea-like ectoparasites [24–28].In addition to new fossil discoveries that directly add to our understanding of an improved reconstruction of the diversity and the early evolution of various lineages of vertebrates, insects, and plants, studies on the paleoenvironmental background of the Jehol lakes and the taphonomy of the exceptionally preserved fossils have provided new insights into the interaction between the environment and the evolution of life, which is fundamental to deciphering the terrestrial ecosystem in the Early Cretaceous [29–42].Finally, future directions for the study of the Jehol Biota are proposed that highlight the great potential of more comprehensive and multidisciplinary studies to further our understanding of the biological and geological implications of the Jehol Lagerstätte.The Early Cretaceous terrestrial Jehol Biota is distributed mainly in western Liaoning Province and neighboring areas in northeastern China (Fig. It has been famous since the early 1990s for producing feathered dinosaurs and many other exceptionally preserved vertebrate fossils such as early birds, mammals, pterosaurs, and amphibians, as well as abundant insects and early flowering plants.the early evolution of feather color in birds and dinosaurs [5–7], the feeding behavior of dinosaurs and birds [8–14], the digestive system of early birds [15,16], and even the reproductive behavior of early birds, amphibians, choristoderes, and pterosaurs [17–22].

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The diversity of the Jehol Biota is still increasing rapidly as new species of Jehol fossils (e.g. According to an earlier estimate [3], the vertebrate assemblage contains at least 121 genera and 142 species, which already exceeds the diversity of contemporaneous Lagerstätten such as the Santana Fauna of Brazil and the Las Hoyas Fauna from Spain, and is nearly as large as that of the Jurassic Solnhofen Fauna and the Eocene Messel Fauna from Germany.

Additionally, the exceptional preservation of some Jehol fossils enables recognition of a large amount of rare information about the biology of Early Cretaceous vertebrates, e.g.

These fossils have significantly increased our understanding of the biological evolution of a number of taxonomic groups.

Furthermore, thanks to its unique taphonomy in the context of a volcanism-prevalent geological background, many soft tissues or stomach contents are well preserved together with often fully articulated skeletons of vertebrates, enabling a more complete reconstruction of the paleoecology of a Lower Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystem [1–4].

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Its distribution is now known to extend beyond western Liaoning and, furthermore, its composition can no longer be appropriately defined by the lacustrine EEL assemblage.

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