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The display of language on LED screens forms visual and temporal patterns that lull the viewer into a hypnotic state analogous to watching images on a TV screen.The precision of the programming and sleek, glowing technology of the LED grid command silent admiration.Other precautions include placing duct tape on your webcam, enabling your computer’s firewall, and turning off cookies and Java Script.Again, here is where you want to be completely free of an identity, so treading cautiously is key.Ever since Silk Road’s takedown last year, the Under-web has been changing.

When I whispered to my friend to discuss the piece during the streaming display, we were met with admonishing glares and shaking heads.Countless users seem to be on an oxymoronic mission to seek and announce their subjectivity through the anonymizing filter of the Internet.The text for offers bemusing commentary on how these innominate authors choose to define themselves.I was immediately reminded that technology still commands awestruck reverence, as though it has more power over us than we do it.It certainly seems more acceptable to speak in front of a painting than a computer screen.

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