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The song spawned the first ARIA Award for a hip hop act in Australia even before there was a hip hop category.

According to Bliss, "When I [moved] to Australia [in 1992], I met Eso and he was the only guy at my school into hip-hop.The video left an impression on Australian teenagers, who began to copy the dancers' moves.Gerry Bloustein wrote in the book, Musical Visions, that Blaze claimed the first "true hip hop" release was, "Combined Talent" / "My Destiny" in 1988 by Just Us (consisting of Maltese DJ Case and Mentor).Women in Aussie hip-hop have largely been left out of the mainstream media; however, many underground MCs have existed and thrived such as MC Thorn, Mirrah, Dawn Laird, Rap Attack and Spice.Australian hip hop artists are strongly influenced by African American and Latino rappers from the US, and continue to incorporate such influences into their music.

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