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Claire Mc Loughlin, Kydani Dover, Silvia Coffidis, Sarah Lewis, and Robin Westlund are ecstatic that it will New housemaster Mr. We are thrilled when we find a close parking spot on Hull Street and we are excited about our new access to "The Strip". Liz Magruder, Johanna Raittila, Christine Carter, Sara Cullinane, Vickie Metzger, Sarah Lewis, Silvia Coffidis, Tamar Avishai, and Sari David make cards for Mr.

We look forward to A and B block frees to sleep in and lunch block frees to eat at the Tiger's Loft. Karp's language lab rules and Mosca's random commentary on Main Street. The phrase "all work, no play" does n Oi apply to Mr.

The Girls' Soccor Team came out first in the Bay State Conference and in the North as well. Cowgirls D D Meyer and Ashleigh Cameron are all decked out and read; for the school dance. j C)(p(-ning The Class of 200 1 knows how to Party! But most of all, we celebrate those things that are unique to Newton North!

Celebrating people, events, and changes rst Spot on Hull! We show our tiger pride at pep rallies and in our orange and black outfits. Michael Welch, Barry Houseniaster since 1997 and physics teacher, has moved on. Welch was of ferred the position of acting- principal at Newton South High School, a professional opportunity he could not refuse. Welch said, "I am devastated that I must leave the kids that I have worked with on a daily basis for so long. However, I am excited about the new position." He is gonna love those cards girls!

We enjoy chatting in the library, even though we get kicked out for being too loud; we love sitting arouiid on Main Street, even though we are kicked off once class starts. Jacky Wu, liana Jacobs, Eliza Rosenbaum, and Ben Brill set up for Mr. Natalie W a t k i n s , K a 1 e e n a Satchell, Vanessa Hollaway, Michael Leonard, and Mr.

We will miss our days at Newton North, where we don't have to look hard to find something to celebrate! At last year's superbowl, football players Mike Casavant, 1 n Megrian, Jon Davis, Ryan Gallagher, Matt Arcovio, Keith Truitt, Kartal Jaquette, il Rashkovetsky, Phil Mastroianni, and Tom Dargon prepare for their next play.

2001 tu ^ NEWTON FREE LIBRARY 3 1323 0i080 5017 Opening 2 -Student Xife/ Special tpents 6 ior Section i^erfonning. 114 Spons ^^^iko JM Sports /^^ Winter imports J 66 Spring Spons 194 Stuclenl Organizations 204 Vnderclass 226 ^cadeniics 268 Index N 373.74 NEWTONIAN 2001 J . Officers at ease Senior class officers Randall Yee, Emily Wexler, Lucia Tseng, and Phil Mastroianni take a break from all their hard work in making our senior year unforgettable. The importance of each and every vote, however, will never be disputed again. She never knew a wax figure could look so real Answers 1. -Tyler Newman I'm for Al Gore because my ivhole family is democratic. -LJ Deluca ^E^ ON ' POG MNG INHUMANE On election day there were picketers in front of Newton North, including Rachel Wofsy, defending their views. The tiger takes a break to rest on Main Street, the next best thing to a den. Danny(Dave Cashman) and his sidekicks Matt Lyons, Charlie Grandberg, and Jeff Satwicz act tough for their pink ladies.

-Peace- Arryan Marie Higgins Sure Dont Knw What Im Goin For But Im Goin For It For Sure 2My Grls Cldnt Hve Done It WOU Guys ILVLS Never Change Vedder OO SICK RR Hi5 We can Resist Evrythng But Tmptatn NH! WE LIVE ONLY ONE DAY IN OUR LIVES, WE'RE BORN ON THIS DAY AND WE DIE ON THIS DAY -RON INGALLS AND YES TESS, I'm SMILING Andreiv Holbein "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" -Bob Dylan Thanks to all the friends that have made this time memo- rable. Girls Ice Hockey made the leap from an unofficial sport to a full-fledged athletic team. We are never lacking in victories, achievements and excellence at our school! Last year, twelve of our sports teams placed first in the Bay State Conference and we were awarded the 1999-2000 BSC All-Sports Trophy. The magical cross country princesses fly to the finish line. Seniors Lindsey Palmer and Kydani Dover help out those unexp rienced underclassmen. Special 8venf^/^ D I V E R S I T Y Celebrat raie our Last year on May l Oth. Meet with math SAT tutor Meet with English SAT tutor Take a deep breath, enjoy senior slump! Advanced Placement Test ELf Cn ON 2000: OUT OF CONTROL! /\hlev jettri son, Aninn Aitken, Mike Daikn , and i5nan Miller know how to intimidate the underclas Miien Amoukalakaheaky you know you want to lay me! PMr JL* DRv JGv RKv MWv MDv MKrv EG v MV y SEF » AJ » LB V AS » DH » MP * KS» LT» Thanks for being »NM There for me 111 miss every- one!! y To all my firends I love vou and I hold you all in my heart yy NNHS!!! fdgscl, bling-bling, Club'OO, jbellies KPT, same prsn, sick! Mark Blakeney PM TM NR LD SH Thank you T has been amazing. Mad Luv to my moms for holdin it down and Mary Dean for welcom- ing me in her home. I Jladbi \mi Ci Kl Lli 1 lump Kelley Bn/soti ly Paroiitr the push k U Shannon Amie Meagan 1 can always count on U Vita, ti ^tin.1 (good times) Thanks for xtra hand To my lo\e know- ipliow u made me laugh hearing t echos of the Past 1 will re- ber all of u ! Noah Chafets For those of you who knew me, remember me by our experiences together and not by a desparate summary of my entire life and philosophy. Thanks to my teachers who Xv takes place..." vl Lacrosse-Chillin in Beals MJFL- have meant so much to me, espe- v X ¥u mommy, my #1 4eva Iv Paris (If only I could remember...) cially Mr. Thanks to my Xv vu Keegan&Dover vl L2Kin0r -Sweet friends and family. ) Iv tions and Good Luck to the Class of Xv RY AF LJ SM DR vl 2001! " VX BC YS Iv Xv — : TGKC \thel Georgakopoulos years have been fun thanx 4 he memories-Morning w/ w, in my car w /my peeps. Meredith Haas Don't wait for answers just take your chances. Ben-Never forget Tap Grls JLDC Em-My bet- ter 1/2-SM Iv U. Thanx Tory Hardaway » To AA KS JK BK JW SA AV JN WL my mom dad-"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand." I love you guys. ¥ Caroline Hardy-Fant I' i Jacquchjii Harper art worthy, O Lord, to re- glory and honor and power, m lou hast created all things. Thanx LD AH CI ED MB AB VC all my friends, ^nders, Walden, Meatlovers, r all the memories Best of ass of 2001. Eliza Roscnbauni, Charlie CIrandbi'ig, aiut Hannah Wiit/at Although Rocco is over, Rocco and Celeste's love will live on Watch senior Lauren Mhlaba belt it out as she sings a 50's hit. Steve Walters, Sam Musem, and Marcus Ruopp use those muscles to es- cort Rc)cco onto the stage. Sleep late and miss PSATs Memorize the American Heritage Dictionary — Wake up at , eat eggs, toast and juice to take the PSATs V Horrible SAT scores Join 5,999,999 clubs and sign up for at least 5 Ad- vanced Placement classes REJECTION!!! " Brendan Keegan, however assures Val Mazzola that she probably won't even remember tomorrow. Mike Battillo is awfully hungry, after an exhausting night of fun. "Play virtual tennis at Shriro's." -Donny, Chris A. " -Nick Sciretta "Continually ask Mosca why the hell we can't stay on Main St." -Kate Ferris (and friends) "Doing homework." -Anne Helm "Doing anything but homework." -Becka Woolf "I don't have any frees." -Silvia Coffidis "Go upstairs to fourth floor red for a little quality time if ya know what I mean..." -Jed Berger 'Stressing about deadlines at the yearbook office." -Lindsey P., Anya S., and liana J. For their free, Linda Tseng a Cassandra Benes take it easy. rob u rule :) some teachers: Elliot Schemm Reid Marzec Montague ur all the best! To all my boys, if there was only something to do in this town. Senior Se(^^49 Kristin Becklcr Cassandra Benes To mv Fain » va Thanx, My friends I love you all!!! ly U David Bernstein Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is some- thing, wearing stripes with plaid is easy-Einstein Much love to all: BK JG JS RL DA And everyone else- Goodbye to The V-ball Team and Tiger Magazine! " Troy Brooks Luv is Luv to my SMOKEFAM All my partners in crime Keep it thoro. Ad Bee Dano Suz-I love you "Glory Days they pass u by in the wink of a young girl's eye"-BS Senior Secf^X^l Nick Castriotto I would like to say thanx to mv friends FH ML DL MV JS EK SH VC VC JS AS DD DD TM BF PK MC ZR JD CZ FV EV J LC OC For Being there and also my Family my Mother I Love You and my broth- ers JC and DC For being there through the good and Bad times Vanessa Cedrone We Can't Discover New Oceans Un- less We Have The Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore-MDSCNJ Wouldn't Be Here W/oul»U BBALL13 Crystal Sis's HTCBAAli- Scuba Will Live On Linz& Pfeifv UAIways Guns »SHCb4D RRHitch Stucc LDKNDBRAAJ »U4ever I'll Miss UYou're The Best Keepin Touch NO REGRETS! I've had nothing but good »X change, a new change Iv coffee & that spot in 3rd-Tigers times. So what I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think." I got by with much Iuv& help from God, family& gals.

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There were a myriad of performances, ranging from Kung-Fu to cross cultural break-dancing. Vice President Al Gore was the democratic candidate, running against George Bush, the republican nominee. Ashleigh Cameron, Robin Westlund, DD Myer, and Melissa 5 are on fire. Rollins, Alicia Fanueil, and Shira Auerbach sport their Hawaiian apparel, one theme of spirit week, •y Alice Capello comforts Phil Mastroianni who ;ot to get dressed this morning. Johanna Wolfe, Julia Katz, Katy Sullivan, Sarah Anastasia, and Rachel Ritchie lounge on Main St. Rachel Ritchie, Arry Higgins, iors for breakfast." and Vanessa Cedrone get ready to de- stroy their opponents. Lan Chen 2 all of my friends- Thank U4bei there 4 me. And when you change the landscape is it with bare hands or with gloves? To EPCRKBCDLMFHASG BKSMLRDCGLOEMEGSG ¥U MISSU Daniel Gross "I find sometimes it's easy to be myself, but sometimes I find it's better to be somebodv else"-DMB It has been long and hard but now it is done. Reid Sheldon, ly S-^blessed me when he created Declan Healy Mom Dad all the Fam.

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  1. During the series' publication, Kishimoto married and had children. Naruto met his parents, and learned of their sacrifices in order to help him to control the Fox inside him so that he could protect their world.