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They're not shying away from acquiring the help they need (see: Executive of the Year favorite, Presti), but there's a level of mutual trust that they can ultimately get it done together.Naturally, attention will now shift to George and Anthony regarding their futures.Tellimus kehtib senikaua kui otsustad sellest loobuda.Kui otsustad tellimusest loobuda, kaob "VIP-staatuse" teenus makstud perioodi lõpus."I like where I'm at, and I like where our team is at."It wasn't much different from his season-ending comments in April."Everybody knows that I like Oklahoma City and I love being here and I love everybody here. Obviously, Oklahoma City is a place that I want to be.""There is nowhere else I'd rather be than Oklahoma City. They have a player who remained committed to the city and the organization through thick and thin, through success and failure.At that point, OKC, now locked into the league's richest contract, rejoins the purgatory that is failing to compete with the NBA's upper echelon while never nearing a top-three pick.

And after watching two star players depart the 46th state in the past five years, he likely would have been given a pass, for the most part. It's also crucial to mention that the loyalty here isn't one-sided.Believe it or not, the deal comes with uncertainty for Oklahoma City.It's possible that a 34-year-old Westbrook could earn over million in 2022.Kui otsustad tellimusest loobuda, kaob "VIP-staatuse" teenus jooksva nädala lõpus.Makset sooritades nõustud sellega, et teenusele kulutatud raha EI KUULU TAGASTAMISELE.

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Makset sooritades nõustud sellega, et teenusele kulutatud raha EI KUULU TAGASTAMISELE.

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